Tuesday, July 19, 2016

LARA System Random Alien Generation Charts

Fill in your cantina with otherworldly strangeness. Just some notes I came up with for the LARA system or general alien whimsy while trying to concentrate on other things. Art by Peter Violini, used with permission for this post.

1. Tiny (Size of a House Cat or Smaller) - 1d6+6 HP
2. Small (Size of a dog or a child) - 1d6+8 HP
3. Medium (Size of an average human) - 1d6+10 HP
4. Large (Size of a hulking supersoldier or corpulent sluggy crimelord) - 1d6+12 HP
5. Huge (Size of a speed vehicle or mammoth) - 1d6+14 HP
6. Gigantic (Size of a small building or tyrannosaurus) - 1d6+20 HP

2. Reptillian - Talent (4xp): Regeneration (After suffering a critical hit you regain your PHYS in HP once per scene)
3. Avian - Talent (4xp): Flutter (You can move vertically to scale buildings or vehicles by flapping your wings. You may roll 3d6 and keep the highest two when doing trying to get vertical)
4. Mineral - Talent (4xp): Rocky Hide (Once per scene you can shift your "flesh" to add your PHYS to your DEF until your next turn)
5. Aquatic - Talent (4xp): Swimmer (While in water you can move an additional number of spaces equal to your DEX.)
6. Mammalian - Talent (4xp): Hotblooded (While in a Cold environment you gain a +2 on any roll made to stay warm.)
7. Amphibian - Talent (4xp): Skinbreather (You can breathe through your skin on both water and on land, and you can roll PHYS if poisoned to try to secrete the toxin from your flesh.)
8. Mechanical - Talent (4xp): Mechanoid (You are immune to poison and mental influence, but you take a -1 on Social checks made to appeal to emotion rather than logic.)
9. Energy - Talent (4xp): Energized (Your HP and MP are one and the same, add the two sums together to determine your HP/MP combined total. You cast spells and take damage from the same source).
10. Insectoid - Talent (4xp): Buzzmind (Anyone trying to read your mind takes a -2 to any attacks on their next turn due to the insectoid buzzing of your brain.)
11. Parasitic - Talent (4xp): Lamprey (When you successfully make a Melee Attack, you gain 1 HP back. If you roll a Critical Success, you instead gain back 1d6 HP)
12. Plant/Fungus - Talent (4xp): Pheromones (Once per scene you may roll SOCIAL to send someone into a sneezing fit, or roll 3d6 on SOCIAL rolls and take the best two of the three dice).

1. Biped (Two legs, two arms; like a person)
2. Arachnid (six legs, two arms; like a spider)
3. Hoverer (Legs are likely atrophied because you can hover, if you have legs at all)
4. Quadruped (Four-legged/armed, like a dog or a lizard).
5. Centipede (Lots and lots of lil'legs)
6. Serpentine (Serpent-like body, likely still two arms for game purposes; works for slugs too).

2. Dead World (No more resources, maybe no more atmosphere, might be nuked to heck and back)
3. Desert (A desert world, big sand dunes, very very hot).
4. Arctic (A frozen world, big snow dunes, very very cold).
5. Badlands (A wasteland, little vegetation, but not a desert. Might be postapocalyptic wastes).
6. Jungle (Lots of moisture, trees, rain, and trees. Like an Amazon Rainforest world)
7. Forest (Lots of trees, not always a ton of moisture. Like a Canadian Wilderness world).
8. Grasslands (Endless fields of grass for nomads. Like a Mongolian World)
9. Ocean (A water world, or maybe just an ocean).
10. Urban (A big city world, where the city has taken hold of nature itself).
11. Swamp (A big nasty bog. Like just a terrible smelly Dagobah world).
12. Void (Space. You are from Space. Probably a space station or a derelict ship colony).

2. Pirate Culture (Thieves, Bandits, Brigands, and Criminals)
3. Warrior Culture (Honorable Warriors, Knights, Samurai, and Klingons)
4. Theocratic Culture (Worshippers of something superstitious.)
5. Tech-Worshipper Culture (Worshippers of technology and machines,)
6. Primitive Culture (Cavemen, Wookies, savage types.)
7. Supremacist Culture (The Imperium of Man, the First Order, Terran Empire.)
8. Cannibal Culture (They eat the weak, only the strong survive)
9. Merchant Culture (Everything has a price.)
10. Bureaucratic Culture (Everything has a proper place)
11. Fallen Ancient Culture (Everything was great once but that was awhile ago.)
12. Rebel Culture (We're gonna be great once we're in charge mentality.)

11. Vorkian (Vor-key-in)
12. Lemballian (Lemm-bal-in)
13. Bozrak (Boz-rak)
14. Watabian (Wa-tabe-ian)
15. Avakki (Av-ak-ee)
16. Yuush (You-sh)
21. Therrosi (Thur-o-see)
22. Graf (Graff)
23. Holoca (Ho-lo-ka)
24. The Templar
25. Del Rago (Del Rah-Go)
26. Stenkrampl (Sten cram-pull)
31. Dnag Irb (Den-ag Erb)
32. Gorkel (Gore-kul)
33. Tuan (Too-N)
34. Adendo (A-den-do)
35. Riaga (Ri-guh)
36. Kaloum (Ka-loom)
41. Shesha (Ses-ha)
42. Uruli (Oo-rool-e)
43. The Inquisitors
44. Maj Iuk (Maaj Eye-Uck)
45. Rysaat (Rye-sott)
46. Lostaka (Lost-ah-kuh)
51. Qalquan (Kal-kwan)
52. Vishtago (Vish-taa-go)
53. Honoo (Who-new)
54. Ocois (Oh-swah)
54. The Firstborn
56. Haimao (Hey-mow)
61. Tarqin (Tar-kin)
62. Astrollian (Ast-roll-ian)
63. Karthian (Kar-th-en)
64. Ritzer (Rit-zur)
65. Smarn (Sma-rn)
66. The Light

In case you wanted to give someone something cool for a cultural raid or to represent a hero of their species; consider these weird things.
2. Fearmaker - An ancient mask with a chem filter that exhibits Fear Gas on a verbal command. Anyone outside of a sealed suit or a gas mask needs to make a MENTAL check or become confused and terrified for 1d6 rounds.
3. Lazersaw - A white metal mechanical grip that powers up a brightly glowing orange chainsaw of light. It cuts through ice and metal like butter. Damage is doubled against machines, ships, rocks, or environments. Loses charge for 1d6 days on a Critical Failure.
4. Warglaive - The honorable tool of a warrior culture. If you make a formal challenge to your enemy while wielding this weapon, you may add your SOCIAL to Damage whenever you make a Critical Success.
5. Truthseeker - A mechanical implant that connects to ones heart and eyes. You may roll MENTAL rather than SOCIAL when trying to discern if someone is lying or portraying falsehoods with a +2 bonus.
6. Thunderfist - This gauntlet removes your ability to hold anything with one of your hands but in exchange it grants you an overcharge beam. You gain a single 1d6+3 Damage shot you can use once per scene, after which the gauntlet deals Unarmed Damage and cannot be removed until you're out of combat.
7. Taurian Blood - An injector of a terrible substance that grants you +2 to any one ability of your choice for one turn, but continued use turns you into an addict. If you are slain in combat while under the influence of Taurian Blood, you rise as a Taurian Zombie (a zombie that vomits up black blood and occasionally hulks out in insane ways).
8. Slagthrower - This gun shoots a mixture of tar, cement, and bitumen; slowing anyone it hits and making them flammeable. Anyone who is "Slagged" suffers a -1 DEF penalty, and +2 Damage if hit by fire.
9. Blaster-Skull - A skeletal implant that places an energy cannon in the back of your mouth. Wires and cords run under your skin and are visible on the back of your neck. Blaster-Skulls deal 2d6 damage to anyone they hit, but suffer 1d6 damage from the stress of use.
10. Shattergrip - A pair of mechanical gauntlets built for breaking bones, weapons, and armor. You deal 1d6+1 damage when attacking with Shattergrips, and you cannot be disarmed if you're holding anything with the Shattergrips. You cannot make fine manipulations while wearing the gauntlets (like typing or pulling the trigger of a small gun), but you can hold something like a bazooka without feeling any recoil.
11. Herbholster - A floating glass globe that can quickly adapt to hold any plant-life at its ideal conditions for harvesting.
12. Nanoneedler - This shotgun blasts out tiny crystal needles from a rare material source. Nanoneedlers have 1d6 ammo which is only expended upon a critical failure or a critical success when someone attacks the weapon. Nanoneedlers deal 1d6+1 damage and any electrical damage against the target does +2 damage.

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