Monday, June 20, 2016

Food for Savage Flower Kingdoms (Part 2/2)

Had a bit of pressure sickness yesterday, which gave me time to think of how to incentivize recipes better. They should be something you seek out a chef to learn from, something you travel from town to town to learn about (thus giving you a desire to travel and to also fight monsters in between). Learning a recipe makes enough food for everyone in the group (additional ingredients for each person give a +1 per person to the cooking roll with a max of +3), and recipes allow you to cook interesting things. A fumble is still a fumble, and we'll get to that below.

Recipes all grant a +1d6 to any recovery attached to them.

These are proper and lovely meals, and when made correctly they are mighty fine.

If you fail a recipe you waste the materials but can still eat a "Misbegotten Meal" which gives you back 1 HP per ingredient added to it, but also a 1 in 6 chance per ingredient to make you sick.

Misbegotten Meal - Don't Eat It Unless Desperate
In terms of recipes, eating more than one serving of a recipe food does not stack any benefits beyond the healing! Eating a serving of this food counts as just that; a single serving, so you still need to eat a lot to become Bloated, but you gain a lot more back so it is less of a risk.

As for specific recipes, I've provided some below but really you should come up with your own stuff that fits the world you're working with. For me, I view SFK as being like if Toriyama worked on Dofus/Wakfu; a bright and colorful place with beautiful food, weird monsters, and where the two should meet: strange but magical gourmet creations.

Blue Buttered Noodles - TN 7
(Slime + Milk + Any Common or Uncommon Meat/Vegetation | 2HP/2MP, +1 Reduction from Poison for 1 Scene)

Stretched out slime cut into noodles. Slight bit of dairy buttering. Meat or Vegetables make for a heartier meal. True chefs make the meal look like a jellyfish wrapping up bits of meat. Popular in the criminal underworld due to how easy it is to make once you know what you're doing, and because it instills a bit of poison resistance; which is always a good thing to have when you spend time with criminals.

Brain Devourer Bar - TN 9
(Brains + Bean Powder + Slime + Sugary Spices| 3HP/3MP +1 Mental for 1 Scene)

A nutritious bar of dried brains, injected with slime and coated in bean powder to harden it. An easy to consume treat that is good for ones studies, but perhaps not to be eaten in the company of squeamish. True brain food. Those who dwell in the Darklands often make use of this project due to the habits of certain alien races there have in removing brains and just leaving them laying about.

Now in Candy Form.

Fried Firedrake - TN 11 (9 if you've made it successfully before)
(Dragon's Flesh + Grease + Oil + Breading | 6 HP, +1 Damage with Fire Spells, Can smell out Treasure and know its exact value for One Day)

Fried to a crispy golden brown, a favorite treat for successful dwarves who have recently slain a dragon and need to account for every last piece of gold in the reclaimed hoard. If you consume this too often your face will take on a shiny sheen and break out in red pimples. Dwarves have beards for a lotta reasons.

Bouillabaisse d'Banshee - TN 13
(Mandrake Screams + Nightmare Fuel + Dried Songbell + Big Fish | 6 MP, Next Spell Cast costs no XP and also adds your Social Score to the Damage)

A truly horrific dish, Bouillabaisse d'Banshee combines the hoarse screaming heads of decapitated Mandrake specimens, raw nightmare in liquid form, ground up songbell, and a big meaty fish to make a goopy bit of fish stew. Those who consume Bouillabaisse d'Banshee turn pale and their voice sounds horrific to anyone who hears them speak (-1 Social until a spell is cast or 1d6 days, whichever happens first). When a spell is cast by one who has consumed this vile stew, the words that conjure the spell into being spew out of the casters mouth and turn the spell into a dark and corrupt looking blast of energy.

The Red Sultan's Curry - TN 13
(Emperor's Rice + Dragon's Flesh + Demon's Heart + Hot Spices + Djiinimotes | Full MP, Fire Spells deal +2 MP and cost -2 MP to cast for a day. You grow horns and can speak to fire itself to know who started it and for what purpose. May reroll 1 roll this session.)

A decadent plate of golden and mystic race, topped with seared flesh from a dragon, diced up heart from a demon, and coated in spices both mystical and too hot for mortal consumption. Not for the weak of heart and generally only consumed in the Realm of Fire by the Efreeti Sultan and his royal harem.

But with more fantasy and amazement.

Closing Notes
I might make more of these from time to time just because they're cute. But right now I gotta make some maps for a game this Thursday. Just finished writing a 33 page manuscript for a client, so I've had a pretty busy day. Doesn't help that it is so damn hot out. Happy Summer Solstice though.

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