Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mass Effect D6 NPCs

Back in 2012 I ran a Mass Effect game, which if I recall correctly had really only one great session to it, but fuck it was a good session. Party ended up getting forced to join Eclipse on Omega after washing out of the Alliance military while on shoreleave (they majorly fucked shit up). Whole thing was a spot of fun. Some fist-fights, some violence, a lot of gambling and smut and sleaze.

Good times.

For one I can really see how I've improved as a GM in 3 years, even if I've been running shit since 2000. I'm only 24. That's some good time spent doing this stuff. Also can really see how my buddy Pete's evolved as an artist in the 6 years I've known him.

Anyway! There's a Mass Effect D6 game floating around out there. And here are some NPCs/Baddies from a campaign that never got off the ground!

Vazzha aka Mr. Bliss is an infamous Quarian scoundrel who runs a series of cons throughout Council-Space, mostly getting himself entangled in high stakes heists and white collar crime. He considers himself to be a patriot of the highest order to the Migrant Fleet, though he speaks of other Quarians as though they are petty rabble and scum waiting to mug you in private. Due to his more high society look, elegant manner of speech, and kind nature, Vazzha has managed to carve out an estate for himself on Berkenstein.

His code name of Mr. Bliss comes from an ill-attempt to appear as a human in high-tech armor early in his career. He still rather likes the handle and uses it during online transactions. His major goal is to purchase himself a lovely space station for his own nefarious greedy purposes.

Rak-12 is an unfortunate creature, something the kooks on Omega whipped together in the hopes of creating a more easily controlled Vorcha. Pack enough chemical anti-psychotics and eugenics into a few generations of easily executed xenovermin homonids and eventually you'll get something worth your while. Rak-12 is calculating, utterly intelligent, and a junkie for a number of chemicals he needs to stabilize his species anger issues. He can speak articulately, and he knows he's been used; and he knows his offspring would be able to carry on his superior genes. If Rak-12 gets off Omega, intelligent and tactical Vorcha might become a new cosmic norm and that is a horrifying prospect.

Bonoui - A Drell sniper, saved from the homeworld by way of being a political prisoner in need of prosecution. Turian justice saw his vocal chords split and shredded, the exact reasons why lost into the minutia of the justice system. Formally a poet, Bonoui fell in with mercenary work out of anger and desperation once he lost his voice. This has led to him operating a one man genocidal campaign against the Turian race, with him acting as a suspect in at least three assassinations which led to race riots between Turian and other species.

Bonoui lives the life of minimalism, operating out of various bolt-hole hotels. He carries a copy of his old works, a violin, and an award he won back when times were good. He is known on Omega but mainly be the prostitution circle. He throttled a Turian hooker to death when she mentioned her homeworld to him.

"The Operative" - an Elcor female who was created by their government to deal with situations privately and appropriatly. Encased in thick assault armor and run through with suppressant chemicals, the Operative is not held back by the thought and careful consideration her species is known for. Her eyes are inscrutable, cold and dead and absorbing every detail as though they were coming at her like a mile a minute.

Given her mass, her chemical dependency and her augmented armor, the Operative moves much swift than any Elcor ought to. Her only known public incident involved bashing a Krogan to death on the Citadel after some trouble at an Embassy. Most of the finer details have been redacted. The Operative does not specify her emotion when she speaks, she simply says a few words without tone.

Bajnathi-Clan - A Volus Seperatist movement in the Terminus System who have money and power enough to back up their crimes, namely bioforming worlds to suit them despite already hosting colonies of other races. The Bajnathi-Clan are Volus supremacists who believe they posess a divine mandate to expand and rule the worlds they view. They willfully skirt anti-AI laws in order to make use of drones and mechs that serve them as their personal army. Dirty bombs and chemical weapons are the order of the day for the Bajnathi-Clan, and while the Council has run a good media campaign to paint them as little more than a minor faction they are fully aware of the very real threat they represent to the fringe worlds.

Man, I totally forgot Mass Effect Lore post the second game. I played the third and was really bothered by it. Mass Effect: Andromeda looks like it'll be meh at best. Ah well, that's Bioware for you now. You'll like a small fraction of what they put out there.

Also still moving, tomorrow. My mind is all over the place.

petarvee.tumblr.com - art buddy. If you think these were okay, or even bad, check out his link. This is old stuff, his new stuff is lovely.

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